Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Becoming his plaything

In this moment, it didn't really matter that I had given up my life as a big strong man
to become this horny, curvy woman. My new tits are flopping wildly as the stud behind me, my
former best friend, and gym rat buddy,thrust deep inside me for the first time. All that mattered
was the feeling of bliss and fulfillment I was experiencing. 
Right now none of that matters. After he is finished with me, his hard cock spent and he 
pulls it out of me, is when the gravity of my situation will really hit home. How will
I face my former best friend, now that I have been reduced to being his little fuck toy?

1 comment:

  1. Oh my yes but it doesn't matter while its happening... the feeling overwhelms all else.. but when you're done.. yes... as you said.... then what? to face him... to know you are his fuck toy... to know he can breed you... you have lost all power.. all status... how exciting is that... It makes you wet! Great cap love it keep them coming!