Tuesday, April 19, 2016

The gap between my thighs.

I stood in front of the mirror in shock. I hadn't
seen my reflection is what seemed like years. In
fact it had only been months, but I hardly recognized myself. My face was the same, but softer, my hair was short but cut in a more feminine way. None of these things compared to the
shock I felt when I looked at the two very female breasts on my formally male chest. It was unreal,
this couldn't be me could it?

With trepidation I began to remove the black panties I was wearing. I had a pretty good idea of
what i would find once i peeled them off my body. 

Looking down I felt an incredible sense of loss and shock. My manhood was gone, replaced by this slit between my legs, and a gap where there should be no gap. I began to feel the panic rise in my chest as I realized what had been done to me.

After a few moments my shock progressed to curiosity as to what was really going on between
my now soft thighs. I spread my legs and gingerly pushed a finger inside my new opening. This shouldn't be possible, but there I was fingering my own pussy. Clearly my life as a man was over, the breasts could be removed, and I could try to build my muscles, but I would never escape the constant reminder of the space between my legs.

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